Turnaround Projects rapidly restructures manufacturing, distribution and service companies with financial and/or operational issues.

The Turnaround Projects team is particularly well prepared to assist banks, venture capital funds, family offices and individual entrepreneurs in recovering their investment through a quick and aggressive restructuring.

Our fees depend on the success of the restructuring and are based solely on the value we add, not on the time spent on the project.

Turnaround Projects occasionally makes strategic, one-off investments in the troubled company’s share capital. We can also help sell a company once it reaches the appropriate size and is generating positive cash flow.

Pay for Performance

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We are your business partner in all matters related to company turnaround and restructuring. Based on your needs, we develop a comprehensive and customised plan. See the services we offer here.

Business Turnaround

Oriented towards short- and medium-term results

Operational Turnaround

We adapt your company to changes in the market and society

Debt Refinancing & Restructuring

Expert Financial Consultants


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