The Turnaround Projects team has broad, multi-disciplinary experience in restructuring and increase profits for medium-sized companies. We work extremely quickly and our fees are based on our success and, therefore, there are no risks when you choose Turnaround Projects.

Jairo González

Founder & Partner

Carmen Varela


When dealing with your money, seriousness, discretion and confidence are our priority. Turnaround Projects is entirely independent and is not related to any bank or any other service provider. We decide who we would like to work with, based on quality and performance criteria and taking into account the goals of our clients. Our work is based on three essential points:

For our professionally qualified advisors and collaborators, competency and knowledge of their speciality are a priority.

We act independently, protecting our clients’ business, avoiding any conflicts of interest. We only recommend solutions with which we are very familiar and that we feel are the right choice for achieving our clients’ goals.

From our standpoint, every project is bespoke. Our solutions are customised to our clients’ circumstances and the company.

Unlike many other consulting firms that specialise in restructuring that charge by the hour and use financial engineering tools to restructure the company, Turnaround Projects focuses on operations and on achieving significant savings within one month in order to generate positive cash flow. Our fees are based on our success, not on the time spent on the project and, therefore, we are entirely focused on creating positive cash flow as fast as possible.

Turnaround Projects has specific experience bringing manufacturing, distribution and service companies to their “proper size”. Immediate reduce of labour costs and general expenses are key in order to release the necessary cash flow to pay off the company’s debt until it can be sold. We focus on ensuring the company is operating in a profitable manner, taking into account the current real income, disregarding both “what it once was” and what management hopes it will be in the future.

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