We prepare and implement a fast action plan that appeals to banks. Our team will return the company to a situation in which it is generating positive cash flow, working with the banks so that they withdraw their enforcement process and once again back the company.

We offer real solutions to real problems. Is this your story?

Your company enjoyed significant organic growth during the “years of plenty”. It always made sense and there was always money to invest in the best technology and equipment available on the market. Suppliers did not raise any issue with receiving payment for their services/products in 60-90 days. Customers paid within 30 days, even in cash.

The banks called daily offering new loans, to increase your lines of credit and new equipment/property leases. As a business person, your focus was 100% on sales and growth, leaving the businesses’ day-to-day operations to the administrative team. Everything was going wonderfully until, all of the sudden, without warning, there was a sharp decline in sales.

From that point forward, suppliers began to demand better terms of payment, including advance payments in order to serve you. Customers stopped paying on time. Your banker began to ask questions regarding your company that he had never asked before.

In order to renew positions, he demands that you increase your personal guarantee…All of the sudden, there is an overdraft and the collection companies appear. They won’t listen. They only want your money and they want it NOW. They don’t hesitate to launch a MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE process. The rules of the game have changed from one day to the next and every day the situation becomes more complex, grows tenser…Insolvency proceedings are hanging over you aggressively and relentlessly…