We are your professional partner in all matters related to business turnaround and restructuring. Based on your needs, we develop a comprehensive and customised plan. See the services we offer here.


Turnaround Projects can prepare and implement a fast action plan that appeals to banks. Our team will return the company to a situation in which it is generating positive cash flow, working with the banks so that they withdraw their enforcement process and once again back the company.

Private Equity & Family Offices

Turnaround Projects can quickly prepare and implement a plan to save the company’s investment portfolio, return investees to a situation in which they are generating positive cash flow, preparing them for sale and, thereby, maintain the confidence of investors and the banks providing the financing.

services for banks

Turnaround Projects offers creditor banks a wide range of services. From purchasing their non-performing debt, to quickly assessing the debtor companies, suggesting a fast restructuring plan to bring them to their “proper size” so that it may suitably service the debt.